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Visual Studio 2005 web project and SQL Prompt 3.9

SciaguSciagu Posts: 3
edited December 10, 2008 5:53PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions

I'm evaluating SQL Prompt 3.9 for using it on Visual Studio Professional 2005 web projects (not database projects) and SQL Server 2005 Express.

I see SQL Prompt Addin menu inside Visual Studio and I defined the DB server connection in the config panel of SQL Prompt.

Now, how can I use the intellisense feature when I write vb code? For Example:

cmd.CommandText = "SELECT .... FROM ...."

SQL Prompt works fine inside SQL Management Studio, but I've no idea how to make it works inside Visual Studio; "Connect to Server" and "Change Connections" are grayed out... don't know if it's normal for web projects.

Hope in an urgent help.

Best Regards.


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    I think that the reason that SQL Prompt isn't offering you any suggestions is because you're writing your SQL code in a VB code file. SQL Prompt is only enabled, in Visual Studio, when working with a .sql file.

    If you have large sections of sql that you need to integrate into your project could you create a sql file that you use to create your sql code snippets and then copy them into the VB file?
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    Thanks for reply Ben,

    I've seen in some kb articles that 3.9 version provides intellisense inside VS code SQL script, but surely my read mistake.

    So I can't use SQL Prompt as I wish :(

    Anyway, thanks for spending time on this request.
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