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$CURSOR$ at beginning of snippet not moving the cursor

tkdennistkdennis Posts: 114
edited December 10, 2008 6:36PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I've got a simple snippet with the $CURSOR$ set to the beginning of the text, but after the snippet is inserted, the cursor remains at the end of the inserted text instead of moving to the beginning. It works fine when $CURSOR$ is somewhere in the middle of the text.


SQL Prompt version
$CURSOR$exec sp_spaceused


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    Thanks for reporting this. It is in fact a known bug that has previously been raised and added to our bug tracking database. It seems that unless you place a character before the $cursor$ at the beginning of a snippet, when the snippet is called the cursor will be placed at the end. If you aren't worried too much about the formatting difference you could add a space before the cursor as a workaround.

    However, I have added your comments to the bug and for your reference the bug tracking code is: SP-732
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    That will work. Thanks.
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