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Powershell cmdlet that lists all agents with online/offline status

I would like to have a powershell cmdlet that lists all SQL Clone agents and their status (online/offline) much like the one you can get from the Server interface. Is that possible to do with the current cmdlets? I can't find a way to do that


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    Appreciate the suggestion Mattias. We had a user story around 'more reporting, visibility of state', which we've added this to, and this will help us guide the prioritisation. Can I ask how you would use that cmdlet? Is it for a report or as part of a larger workflow?
    Richard (Product Manager for SQL Clone)
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    I'm creating a simple application where people can handle their own clones. (creating, removing, refreshing etc).
    For this application I'm relying on the cmdlets that you provide and I would like to have a check that the agent is online before trying to run a create or remove on a clone on that agent.
    A work around I'm using right now is to check the state of the SQL Clone Agent-service using SQL (exec xp_servicecontrol).
    Since I'm already querying the destination SQL Server, this was an easy work around, but a bit ugly.


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    Thanks for your feedback, and it's great to see that you're getting value out of SQL Clone in this way.

    This does make sense, and it's something that we're interested in implementing soon. We do also have potential future plans to make our .NET client library available to help with building your own clients for SQL Clone - while we don't have an ETA for this, it would be great to get your thoughts on it.
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    Hi Mattias,

    Thank you for your feedback. A new powershell cmdlet (Get-SqlCloneMachine) has been implemented and released in version SQL Clone 2.3.
    Get-SqlCloneMachine returns the details of machines from SQL Clone Server. You can get the details of cmdlet here.
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    Thank you
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    I just upgraded and tested the new cmdlet. Great work! :-)
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