HUH? We couldn’t log you in because cookies aren’t enabled

Didn't know where to put this since there is no "Installer" or "Licensing" categories.

This is really annoying... and disappointing! Sorry for the rant, and I understand the desire to protect your products with licensing, but this one really takes the cake. I may be missing something obvious, but if I am, it's not obvious enough. And the easier a solution is, the easier it should be to provide guidance at the time of the error, correct?

Fresh install, MS Azure VM Template, Windows 2016 Data Center + SQL 2017 with IE and chrome, cookies enabled on both. Fresh install of toolbelt using chocolatey.

I launch SSMS and get a logon challenge, upon entering my creds, I get:

"We couldn’t log you in because cookies aren’t enabled. To log in, make sure cookies are enabled in your browser."

And no option to just continue with trial mode. Just drops dead...

So what now, and why am I having to even write this!? ARGH!

1) WHAT browser? I assume IE (what a joke), but cookies are enabled in both.
2) Why no option to just continue with trial?
3) Why no MEANINGFUL message for troubleshooting?
4) Why is this message not CLEARLY dealt with somewhere in (you created the message, create the support doc!)
5) Why have you allowed licensing to become a BLOCKER for users WITH LICENSES! Is there not a programmer's "Hippocratic oath" when it comes to preventing paying users from using what they've payed for?

(Using latest Toolbelt with SSC


  • dwainewdwainew Posts: 50 Bronze 3
    The quick fix is, don't launch SSMS (or other extension consumers?) first after newing up a system. Launch one of the RG apps, which will give you the same dialog, but it allows you to authenticate. Then the SSMS plugin works fine. ;)

    Could someone explain the efficacy of requiring a login to even run the tooling? What if I'm installing in an isolated (from web) dev/test environment? (which we have plenty of, but I've never had to try, yet)

    (Using latest Toolbelt with SSC
  • Hi Dwaine,

    I have logged a ticket for you and we will reply in due course.


    Richard Lynch.
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