Can SQL Clone not do two images at a time? I started up one and then another with a PowerShell process I built to allow multi images to go at once and this is what I see.



  • An agent on a single machine can only perform a single imaging operation at the same time in order to avoid concurrency issues when interacting with the Windows services that we use. Agents on different machines can currently be used to create images simultaneously. If these operations are CPU or I/O bound, creating multiple images at the same time on the same machine may not be efficient.

    However, looking at the code, it looks like we could permit multiple backup restore operations to happen at the same time. Would you be interested in trying out a build in which we make that change?
  • Thanks for the response and that does make sense. I have a 2016 and a 2014 instance on this one server. So one agent would manage both and the operations would then be synchronous.

    I would test anything you needed.
  • Our latest release of SQL Clone, 2.2.3, should contain this fix.
  • NeilSmartNeilSmart Posts: 6 New member
    Hi Chris and sorry Garry for hopping on to your discussion, can I ask when SQL Clone 2.2.3 will be coming out and this is a must for me and we are looking to implement this in the next few weeks.


  • SQL Clone 2.2.3 is available now. If you already have SQL Clone installed, it should show a blue update banner at the top offering you the update if it's able to contact our update servers. Otherwise you should be able to download the latest version off our website.
  • NeilSmartNeilSmart Posts: 6 New member

    Perfect thanks, I don't get the blue banner but have downloaded the latest version.

    thanks again

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