New version of Schema Compare for Oracle V4.0.1.75

New major version of Schema Compare for Oracle V4.0.0.14 is now available and can be downloaded using this link: Or use the Check for Updates option from the help menu.

Bug Fixes:

•OC-831: Fixed formatting for lines with length > 2499 chars (Fix for "or" operator occurences).
•OC-905: Create snapshot error with invalid character.
•Index: Fix for the DOMAIN index.
•Correctly compare primary key and unique indexes that have identical columns.
•Resolved issue on generating sync script when INMEMORY column is present in only one side of comparision.
•OSC-720: Fixed comparing index constraint inside Materialized View with not existing table.

Release notes available here:
Eddie Davis
Technical Support Engineer
Redgate Software Ltd
Email: [email protected]
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