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SQL Search 2.x - Unable to copy text from Results pane using CTRL-C

equijoinequijoin Posts: 2 New member

Big fan of SQL Search and found tool so very,very useful!

One annoyance I have, is trying to copy details from results pane into other apps etc. I tend to use CTRL-C to copy text and using SQL Search this key press does not appear to work. Any chance this could be implemented please?

The work-around is to use right-mouse click, and select copy from popup menu.



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    When you say "does not appear to work", does it act like normal but there's nothing on the clipboard when you try to paste? I've checked in version 2.4.4 and it works for me, so it's definitely implemented.

    Are you getting this error? -
    Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio: Unsaved documents cannot be cut or copied to the clipboard from the Miscellaneous Files project. You must save the unsaved document(s) before cutting or copying them.
    If so, then there is a fix - https://documentation.red-gate.com/display/SS2/Unsaved+documents+cannot+be+cut+or+copied+to+the+clipboard+from+the+Miscellaneous+Files+project

    What version of SQL Search are you using? Are you using it with SSMS or Visual Studio? Which version of SSMS or Visual Studio are you using it with?
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    equijoinequijoin Posts: 2 New member
    Hi Rob,

    I am using SSMS 2016 ( 13.0.16100.1) with SQL Search
    I am not seeing the error message this time ( I have seen this on earlier versions of SSMS and SQL Search). There is no data in the cut and paste buffer.

    For example, if I search for column name in code, e.g. FeedId ..
    SQL Search finds results - and shows these in results pane.
    I select from results grid a stored procedure, this then shows highlighted code in bottom pane.
    I then try and select/highlight details in code I wish to copy using the mouse.
    Press CTRL-C , switch apps - e.g. Excel - and then press CTRL-V - nothing!

    Could be my bad description above - bottom pane and not results pane?
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    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Is it only SQL Search that has this problem? Are you able to copy and paste from other SSMS windows?

    If you're still having this problem then I would recommend creating a support ticket so that one of our technical support engineers can look into this properly for you.
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