Add href tags to description fields

Hi, Is it possible to add a href tag into the description to link to an object that will be generated within the documentation?

I've tried adding an explicit tag with no luck. IE

See <a href="../../../../server/User_databases/Database/Tables/object_type.html">Object Type.</a>


  • Hi and thanks for your post!

    SQL Doc does not automatically pick up on links when generating to HTML, so you would have to first generate the HTML documentation and then edit the source HTML files to add the href tag so that the link shows up properly.

    Can you please give this a try?

    (Apologies that there's not an easier way at the moment! I've +1'd a feature request we have for allowing links and richer formatting which is logged internally as SDOC-852.)

    Jessica Ramos | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

    Have you visited our Help Center?

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