Link Directly to Documentation for Table

We create our database documentation in HTML and publish it to our sever regularly. However, because of the way SQL Doc creates the resultant web page with frames, the URL never changes as you browse through the various database objects. What I want to do is get a link to the documentation for a particular table so that I can share this elsewhere.

I know that with a bit of digging into the generated files I can find the html file that relates to a particular table, and I could create a link from that but a) It involves browsing the files on the web server when I'd rather just browse to the table in SQL Doc's interface and get the URL from there and b) When you open a link created in that way you don't get the database object tree down the left-hand side for navigating to other tables.

Is there a way that I've missed for getting a link to a table's documentation from SQL Doc's web interface which will open as if I'd navigated to it from the object tree? If not, I'll suggest it as a feature.
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