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How do you populate a drop down in a .rgtool file?

I am trying to create a script that allows someone to choose the server, database, and snapshot to rollback to. I can see
<control type="database" id="connection" />
will create a drop down to choose the database but I also want to write a query to get the snapshot names
<control type="text" id="SnapShotName" label="SnapShotName:">
. Is there any way to create a dynamic dropdown? My snapshot names do not stay the same of course.


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    Hi there, I assume that you want to dynamically create the items in the list below...

    <control type="combo" id="SnapShotName" label="SnapShotName:">

    I don't think that this is currently possible, the database connection string is special cased.
    Also I don't think that you can write your own extension (although it looks like the code looks in a sub folder for Add-in, I am not convinced that your own code would be loaded.
    Sorry about that.
    Hope that helps
    David Connell
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    @vfrank66 I had a look and couldn't see a way to do it either - but David would know more than I would anyway.


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