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Missing Login Boxes - Multiple Products

kellyleiakellyleia Posts: 2 New member
edited August 16, 2017 2:59PM in General Forum
I'm trying to run the trial version (while I wait patiently for management to actually purchase the full), but there are no login boxes. It seems to be the case no matter which RedGate product, although so far I've only tried SQL Compare and Source Control.
I had to install it on one of our dev servers to get it to work, but that's not an ideal situation. I'm using Windows 10 and I have an older version of SQL Compare (10.3). Anyone got any ideas how to fix this? TIA

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    kellyleiakellyleia Posts: 2 New member
    I got this from tech support this morning...worked for me.

    It looks like the tools having some problems connecting to the login page.

    Could you try opening the tool and then navigating to the location below in your browser (this will take you to a UI for the Redgate client).

    Under 'Recently connected products' you should see SQL Compare.

    Can you click on this link and see if you're able to login here?
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