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DLM Automation build error in bamboo

RavinRavin Posts: 6 Bronze 1
edited August 14, 2017 10:42AM in DLM Automation

I am new to Databse CI. I am trying to set it up in my organisation but I am stuck.

I have installed DLM automation in my SSMS client tool and added DLM automation add-ons in my bamboo CI server (Linux Server).

In bamboo server I have added RedGate DLM Automation Build task and linked my repository to the plan.

When I run the plan I get following error:

"SQL CI executable cannot be found. Expected at one of null\sqlci.ps1  null\Red Gate\DLM Automation 2\sqlci.ps1  null\Red Gate\DLM Automation 2\sqlci.ps1   but not found. Please install Redgate DLM Automation on this agent."

Could anyone please help me here? Am I missing anything?


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