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SQL Source Control does not show changes done by other authors

Hello All,

I am totally new to Redgate Toolbelt and I might come up with a number of questions on the forum. Anyway, I am using the latest version of SQL source control (Version and if there are 2 different authors making changes in the same object, while viewing the history for the objects, we are not able to see changes from all authors.

E.g. If user A and B are making changes in the object C. User A can view only the history pertaining to user A and the same goes for user B.

What do I need to do in order to view the full history? User A should be able to view all the changes done by user B and vice versa.



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    If all the developers connect to the same DB folder in the repository they should all see the same revision history. Looking at your description it appears that the developers are not connecting to the same DB folder.

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