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What is the correct way to link to a TFS 2015 GIT repository?

I am trying to link to a GIT repository in TFS 2015. There appear to be 2 ways to do this:

1. Select GIT from the 'Choose you source control system' option and link to a local folder. Using this approach I am forced to use the dedicated database model and I get prompted for credentials each time I try to push my changes and entering those credentials always fails with an 'Incorrect credentials.' error.
2. Select Team Foundation Server and then 'Custom'. Select the local working folder and select Git from the drop down list of config files. Using this approach, I can choose the shared database model, I can commit to my local repository, but there is no option to push meaning I have to then open the command line to push to the master.

Is there an approach where I can choose a shared database model and am able to both commit and push without any issues with credentials.

any help much appreciated.

Thanks, Nemir


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    I am afraid that it is not possible to use the shared model and Commit/Push without any issues with credentials.

    As you correctly point out there are basically two different methods that exist in SQL Source Control to connect to a Git repository:

    1 - (native Git) Push and Pull doesn't work because SQL Source Control (SOC) does not support Domain Authentication in Git within TFS (that's why you get the Incorrect Credentials error).

    If the Git repo was hosted in VSTS then you could have used a workaround: Personal Access Tokens (Personal Access Tokens are also available in a fully patched TFS 2015, however SOC does not support tokens on TFS 2015 or 2017)

    Also please note that Git with Push and Pull only works with the Dedicated model

    2 - (Custom) This allows you to use the shared model.

    However as you already found out you need a Git management tool to do the Pushes/Pulls to and from the remote, as SOC can't do it using this method.

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    jdepratojdeprato Posts: 6 New member
    edited May 1, 2018 6:58PM
    So based on this information is there still no GIT integration with SQL Source Control and TFS 2015? I'm running into the same issue here. I setup the GIT connection to a local folder and tried to push my changes and I get the credential error. Is there still no workaround for this?
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