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Compare different SQL versions

We have SQL Compare 10.7 and we would like to compare a SQL 2008 database to a SQL 2016 database. Should we be able to do that with this version?

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    TugberkTugberk Posts: 23 Bronze 4
    edited August 3, 2017 4:23PM Answer ✓
    Hi @JSommers,

    Unfortunately, SQL Compare 10.7 does not support SQL Server 2016. I don't believe we have strong restrictions in place inside the product to prevent you to do this and fail early in the process but expect it to fail on certain cases where it cannot understand SQL Server 2016 engine specifics which should be a lot.

    I suggest you to upgrade to SQL Compare 12 which will support your use case. Feel free to download the trial version and try this out.
    Tugberk Ugurlu
    Technical Lead, Data Privacy & Protection
    Redgate Software Ltd.
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