How to filter User, Roles and Schemas when compare using Compare SDK


I am trying to Compare 2 database but I need to ignore the User, Roles and Schema using Code (C# or VB).
I tried
stagingDB.Register(sourceConnectionProperties, Options.Default.Plus(Options.IgnoreUsers, Options.IgnoreUserProperties))
Also tried
stagingDB.Register(sourceConnectionProperties, Options.Default.Except(Options.IgnoreUsers, Options.IgnoreUserProperties))

But it always compare.
Maybe I need to filter in some way but I dont know how.

Any help with be very good.


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  • AshaPatelAshaPatel Posts: 42 Bronze 5
    Accepted Answer
    Hi Gerardo,

    I'm sorry to hear you're hitting this problem!

    You are correct in your understanding how the filters work. Setting Options.Default.Plus(Options.IgnoreUsers, Options.IgnoreUserProperties) should indeed ignore any Users and UserProperties differences. I have raised an internal bug report CSD-220 for investigation; we shall update you when we have made any progress.

    Again, sorry you encountered this!



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