Option to make Column names match object definition? (BIN2 collation)

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I'm working with a conversion where the collation changed from CI to BIN2 and fixing the casing of column names in statements and stored procedures is really arduous. Any chance there's a checkbox somewhere in the SQL Prompt formatting to fix the casing of column names when they do not match the definition?


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    Hi @tlaqua,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. I'm afraid this is currently not possible in SQL Prompt.

    Can you please add a request for this feature in our UserVoice forums?

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    tlaquatlaqua Posts: 2 New member
    Update on this - If anyone else is facing this issue, the Database default collation is what defines the collation of the object names, so you can set the default database collation to Case Insensitive (or whatever you were before, we were CI_AS) and then when you create tables in the database, you have to explicitly define the collation at BIN2 for each column with a character datatype as it will use the Database default in the absence of an explicit collation specification.
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