SQL Compare Sample

I see there is sample in .net for SQL Compare which compares database to database and also script to database.
is there any sample where we can compare snapshot to database?


  • TugberkTugberk Cambridge Posts: 23 Bronze 4
    edited July 27, 2017 8:26PM
    Hi @brij_singh555,

    You should be able to load a SQL Compare snapshot into a C# Database object like below and the rest should be the same as comparing database to database really.
    using (Database snapshot = new Database())
        // Load the database schema previously stored as the snapshot 
        var snapshotFile = Path.Combine(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(), "mysnapshot.snp");

    Hope this answers your question but do let us know if you have more questions :smile:
    Tugberk Ugurlu
    Technical Lead, Data Privacy & Protection
    Redgate Software Ltd.
  • brij_singh555brij_singh555 Posts: 3 New member
    Thank you Tugberk!! that's what i was looking for
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