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Subset of Data


Do you allow me to create a copy of production data. I wouldn't like ALL of production data as it might be very large. But maybe 5% or some other amount and then be able to get all other dependent/child tables (with foreign key constraints) with only the data that's in the parent table.

And so forth. Where this is cascaded down. Example once that child table gets only the data it needs from it's parent table. If that child table has more child tables of it's own it will also get data that's only required by it's parent's table.

Also do you have a product that easily identifies all the parent tables (no dependencies) ?

Example Will return Order as a top level table. And select 5% of rows from orders, and thus will populate OrderDetails with only those from the OrderTable. If there's another table that has a FK to OrderDetails it'll get those info.

How would it handle the case with Product table. If I say 5% of products, Order table does not know about which 5% of products is a valid order as that would be in OrderDetail table.

As you can see this can get a bit complicated. I do see you have a SQL data Generator product, but we'd like to use valid data as close to production as possible but with just a subset and enforcing all the valid FK constraints.

Thank you.
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