Register and loose Intellisense in SSMS2017

Having been bugged in SSMS2017 to register by popups under the intellisense box for SQLPrompt, I’ve recently registered on RedGate and now the Intellisense has gone from my SSMS2017 but are still present in VS2017 Enterprise. The Extension version in VS is

I was also having problems using the keyboard to select items in the SSMS intellisense dropdown. Downarrow and enter/tab/. didn't work.


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    Hi ozbob,

    That sounds strange, I wonder if you have got two versions of SQL Prompt running.

    Do you know if you are using SQL Prompt Core which comes for free with Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 or SQL Prompt Pro which you download directly from Redgate?

    This is shown in the menu Visual Studio -> Tools -> Extensions and Updates (should say SQL Prompt Core or SQL Prompt Pro)
    You can see if SQL Prompt Pro is installed into SSMS 2017 by looking at Control Panel -> Programs and Features

    Best wishes,

    Michael Clark
    Michael Clark
    Technical Lead, SQL Monitor
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