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Product maintenance ??

Is this product still maintained ?
Why have there been no updates in over a year ?
What am I not seeing ?


  • Hi Robertr,

    DLM Dashboard is a free product. There has been some work done on it in the form of a technical preview with a view to integrate it with SQL Monitor, but it's not visible as it was withdrawn in favour of adding a direct integration with DLM Automation. This integration can be seen in the SQL Monitor roadmap here:

    Kind regards,
    Customer Support
    Redgate Software
  • krachynskikrachynski Alberta, CanadaPosts: 14 Bronze 5
    Sigh. I wish I'd seen this before I sold my company on using DLM Dashboard to monitor the schema on our financial applications.
  • ChrisGStevensChrisGStevens Posts: 10 Bronze 1
    edited December 12, 2017 8:31PM
    I did the same thing krachynski. I learned that the SDK is no longer supported so I looked into other ways to monitor all of my database changes and generate our change scripts.
    I got the Dashboard into Production. Then wanted to know how to change the email format as I want it to include the object lists. This is when I found out that it is no longer being updated. :cry:
    But I am still on the path to getting DLM Automation running.
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