Change development model to share from Dedicated

I've been using a Git repository to check in my changes on a dedicated development model in SQL Source Control. Now other members in my team have the Source control add in we'd like to move to a shared model as we can all work on the same DB. We have a limited db so we don't to create a separate db for each team member.

How do i change source control so my self and my team can work in the shared model against the db that's already checked in?


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    Hi Delly,

    We don't recommend using the Shared Model with Git due to its decentralized way of working and potential for conflicts if you use a Shared model.

    As a result of that there's no option to use the Shared model if you are using the default method to connect to Git.

    However if despite that you want to use the Shared Model with Git you can use an alternative method to connect .

    In that case you should unlink from Source Control and then re-link using this method.

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