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A duplicate definition was found for the user "UserName".

Hello, I'm working with the command line on SQL Compare 12 comparing scripts to a db.The error I get is:
Error: Comparison of 'Scripts.Sql' and 'DatabaseName' failed: A duplicate definition was
found for the user 'UserName'. Ensure that case sensitivity options are set correctly and all object creation scripts
are valid. If the problem persists, contact our support.
Process completed with exit code 126 and had 1 error(s) written to the error stream.

Now I looked through where users are located and the username it's complaining about is unique. Not sure how else to go about this.


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    Sorry you're having this problem!

    This error is thrown whenever a duplicated definition is found that is not solely due to case sensitivity (for instance, definitions for 'UserName' and 'username' would throw a different error). Could you check inside the file 'Scripts.Sql' and see if it has a different definition for 'UserName' defined in there?

    If this isn't the case we'd need to look into this further; could you contact support@red-gate.com and attach the scripts you are using to compare against the database, and we shall investigate further.

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    Looks like I'll have to contact them, Scripts.sql is actually a bunch of sql scripts inside of a source control. Nothing indicated that there is a different definition of username in there. But thanks for your suggestion.
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    Hi, I have the same problem when I'm going to commit with the source control. Could you tell me if you found the solution? I think it's a mistake. Greetings and thanks.

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