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NVarchar(Max) odd results

paulhpaulh Posts: 35 Bronze 2
edited December 2, 2008 11:05AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
When I compare a script folder with SQL Compare 7.1 it is showing the script version as containing


whereas the live table is shown as

[nvarchar] (max) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS

This means that I can't sync the schemas as it fails to find the type [sys].[nvarchar(max)]


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    I haven't come across this problem before - could you provide me with a little more information?

    1) Where does the script folder come from? Is it saved directly from the live database (and if so with what version of Compare), or has it been edited by hand / generated by some other tool?

    2) Does the script file for the troublesome object actually contain the string '[sys].[nvarchar(max)]' or is the script parser changing the line containing this type in any way?
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    paulhpaulh Posts: 35 Bronze 2
    Sorry, my fault...

    I was editing the scripts to remove a large number of extended properties and changed from ntext to nvarchar(max), but I wrote it as [nvarchar(max)] rather than [nvarchar] (max) so the parser was confused.

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