Why not connect to the database via the command line?

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edited July 11, 2017 10:03AM in SQL Compare
SQLCompare /Scripts1:"X:\SRC\test\SQL" /Server2:"cxz-DEV-db\DEV" /Database2:"DB" >> out.log
Gives an error:
Error: Comparison of 'Scripts.SQL' and 'cxz-DEV-db\DEV.DB'
failed: Не удается открыть базу данных "DB", запрашиваемую именем входа. Не
уRU\A-SAVINдалось выполнить вход. Ошибка входа пользователя "RU\a-savin".
Through the desktop application, the comparing normally starts and work
Through xml the error is the same


  • Translating the message looks like it's authentication issue.

    Can you access that db through Windows Authentication? By default, it uses integrated authentication but you can specify username and password through switches
  • Did not correctly write the name of the database, excuse me. Thank you.
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