Expand wildcards does not work with Visual Studio 2015

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If you are using Query Window then it work as expected. However if you writing query in the "object file" (for example I have project for database and there is the project file dbo->Tables->my_table.sql) then it is not expanding. Moreover it doesn't even show the list of the tables from the database.

One more thing. When I highlight "select * from table" in the Visual Studio and hit "Wildcard expansion " button then it adds ";" at the end of the statement


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    Hi @sdks,

    Thank you for reporting this.

    Can you please let us know which version of SQL Prompt you are using? We've been unable to replicate either of these behaviours in VS2015 using our latest SQL Prompt

    Also, can you please detail the steps you take to get a query in the "object file"? The only scenario we've seen where this could occur is if your query window is disconnected from the server for any reason. In this case, the expand wildcards command is ignored and no tables appear in the suggestions box.

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    sdkssdks Posts: 44 Bronze 2
    Strange but I can't reproduce it anymore. Please close this discussion, everything seems to be working
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