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Visual Studio Team Services + DLM Automation Build - Synonyms do not seem to work in Views?

We've run into a bit of a problem building one of our databases in DLM Automation Build, running in Visual Studio Team Services. We've introduced a new View that uses synonyms for a cross-database join, and we are getting "Synonym refers to an invalid object" errors. We've tried using the IgnoreDatabaseAndServerName flag but that doesn't seem to make any difference.

Synonyms seem to be working fine in stored procedures however. Any ideas what we might be able to do here?



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    Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5

    I am unaware of any specific issues with synonyms and views. Unless it's a synonym that you are also using in the Stored Procedures I would say that it's having trouble with that particular synonym on that server.

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    ChrisMChrisM Posts: 10 New member
    We had a problem where our test build database (we are using TeamCity) was on a different server than the source database and the linked server referred to in a couple of objects didn't exist where the test database was being built.
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    saulcruzsaulcruz Posts: 19 Bronze 1
    same problem here, did you guys figure this out?
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