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I have been running SQL Prompt with SSMS 2014 for several months. Recently, I installed SSMS 2017. How do I apply SQL Prompt to SSMS 2017?

I am using SQL Prompt version



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    Hi John,

    If you installed SSMS 2017 after installing SQL Prompt on SSMS 2014 then you will need to rerun the installer (latest version so that it can install into SSMS 2017 too.

    However, if SQL Prompt is already installed to a version of SSMS and you update to a newer build of that same SSMS version, then SQL Prompt doesn't require a reinstall (A repair/reinstall is only needed if you install a completely new version of SSMS).

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    If I run the installation again it tells me that I already have SQL Prompt installed and greys out the button to continue installation.

    Please assist.

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    jbeschlerjbeschler Posts: 2 New member
    For me, I had to uninstall SQL Prompt and re-install. It did maintain my license key so I did not have to reenter that.
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    I also uninstalled SQL Prompt and re-installed it and it works 100% on both instances.
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