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New version of Source Control for Oracle V3.0.15.2411

New version of Source Control for Oracle is now available, V3.0.15.2411 and can be downloaded using this link:

12c Features:
•Added support for roles granted to programs.

•Upgrade to SVN 1.9.
•OC-767: Missing view feature (WITH OBJECT_IDENTIFIER).
•Added support for roles granted to schema.

Bug Fixes:
•OSC-717/OC-731: For SYNONYMS the ExcludeTargetSchemaName option should not apply to the FOR statement.
•OC-819: Fixed marking difference when white characters occur in multi-line character values (single quote).
•Fixed duplicate key error after multi-schema comparision with objects sharing same name in different schemas.
•Fixed object grants duplication in deploy script when deploying from snapshot to database.

Release notes available here:
Eddie Davis
Senior Product Support Engineer
Redgate Software Ltd
Email: support@red-gate.com
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