Visual Studio 2015 Post Deploy Question: How to Run All Post Deployment Scripts

Hi. Not sure if this is the right place but I searched and can't find the answer to this question.

Running Visual Studio 2015.
When a Post-Deployment script changes from source without a new schema change and hence a new deployment needed, Ready Roll doesn't seem to run the Post-Deploy scripts. I usually need to run them manually from VS which is fine but when you have hundreds of PD scripts, it's hard to figure out which ones changed since last source pull and need to run.

I just need a "Run All Post Deploy" scripts method, button etc in VS... I've searched everywhere for this.

Am I missing something? Is this a bug in ReadyRoll? Is there a way to kick off All Post Deployment scripts?



  • Apologies for the delay in responding, and thank you for your interest in ReadyRoll.

    When you deploy a ReadyRoll project, e.g. by clicking the Build... Deploy Solution menu commandor via the Deploy Project button within the ReadyRoll tool-window, ReadyRoll unconditionally includes all Pre-Deployment and Post-Deployment scripts within the script that is output (bin\Debug\MyDatabase.sql) and subsequently executed.

    This should occur regardless of whether the script has changed, so it's unusual to hear that they're not running. If you look at the Output window, does it indicate whether the scripts are being executed?
    Daniel Nolan
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    Hi Daniel. Thx for the response.

    When there is a Schema change the Deploy Project button appears and yes all Post-Deployment scripts get run when you run that. However, the issue we have is that when there are no schema changes but a Post-Deploy script was changed or added, there isn't a Deploy Project button displayed. And so the Post Deployment scripts don't run which causes some minor dev headaches as we have to go through and figure out what scripts changed and run them manually. It would be nice to have a Deploy Project button appear when the Post-Deployment scripts have changed but no schema changes have occurred. Or just have in general a Deploy Project button regardless of whether there was a schema change. Or even just a way to Run All Post Deployment scripts. I don't think this is a bug because this has always been the way ReadyRoll runs as far as I know.

    Running version 1.14.6.

    Jay Ferguson
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