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We've been using RG SourceControl for several years in a shared model with SVN and then TFSVC. We're in the process of moving to TFS with GIT and dedicated model (no need to migrate anything).

I setup a new TFS project with a GIT repo "MarkLocal" and cloned to my Laptop. In the local "MarkLocal" folder I created a folder for each DB. I copied Prod to my laptop and linked all the Db's the respective folder in MarkLocal

The document from redgate called "how-to-set-up-sql-source-control-with-git" says on page 7, that once I have committed, I should be able to push to remote, but there is no PUSH button.

Also, I'm still not clear how we sync up with the master dev DB.

I have copies of prod on my laptop which matches current Dev on main server. Let's say I wirte a new Sp and commit locally, I then want to push that to TFS GIT so I have a backup in case my laptop dies. once I'm done I need to merge with main dev server to make sure it still works with any other changes. How would I do this?




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    Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5

    I am afraid that SQL Source Control doesn't support Push/Pull to a git repository hosted in an on premises TFS server, due to the authentication issues.

    This will work if if you use VSTS rather an on premises TFS server and a personal authentication token:

    Regarding your second question: you should link the Master Dev to the same DB folder in the repository that you have linked your DB to, after you've commited you can do a Get Latest for the Master Dev DB.
    Alternatively you could let the Master Dev unlinked from Source Control and use SQL Compare Pro to sync it with the DB folder in the repository.

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