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Cleared up my server and DLM Build is now broken

quickstepperquickstepper Posts: 3 New member
edited June 22, 2017 9:45AM in DLM Automation
I am currently evaluating DLM Automation and had a successful build process working on my server.

But I needed to clear some old databases which I have done and now my build is falling over even though there is nothing new in source control that would cause any issues.

1 It seems to be struggling with User Defined Data Types

[10:01:59][Step 1/2] Must declare the table variable "@CRR".
[10:01:59][Step 1/2] Parameter or variable '@CRR' has an invalid data type.' occurred when executing
[10:01:59][Step 1/2] the following SQL:
[10:01:59][Step 1/2] CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[CustomerReforecastInsert]
[10:01:59][Step 1/2] @CRR CustomerReforecastReading READONLY

2 Unable to resolve a Synonym (even thought that seems to be created earlier in the log)

[10:01:49][Step 1/2] VERBOSE: Creating [dbo].[vwFlowData]
[10:01:50][Step 1/2] WARNING: The error 'Synonym 'FLOWDATA' refers to an invalid object.' occurred

If I create an empty database with SQL compare then these errors are not highlighted. I am assuming that I can use DLM automation to create a new database on a virgin server. Also it can only create a synonym if the table it refers to exists on the build server (which it does).

3 Failing to create a view saying a table (already created earlier in log) does not exist. The table being referred to does have multiple triggers so could be an issue with triggers.

I am running this build in Teamcity and as I said was working fine until I removed some old development copies of the database I am trying to build from source control (tfs on visual studio online). I can create the database with SQL compare so what is the difference between that and DLM automation? Any help or pointers would be gratefully received.


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