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Update local database from changes to readyroll project

brookalbrookal Posts: 14 New member
If we have multiple developers working on a project which incorporates readyroll, and developer A makes a change to the deployment scripts, how does developer B deploys those changes to his local development database?


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    In order for other developers to update their local database with changes authored by developer A, they just need to update from source control and click Build... Deploy Solution). This will execute any migrations that have yet to be run against the developer's database.

    To make further changes to the schema, we recommend adding a new migration to the project, even if that script simply undoes the changes in the previous script. This is to ensure that your project stays in-sync with all of your database environments (both local and Dev/Test/Prod environments).

    For more information on authoring database changes, please see this article on migrations in the documentation.

    Daniel Nolan
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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