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Build ErrorInvalid Object

I have set up a build definition in TFS and when I run the build I am getting an error when the build process executes sql to create a view - the create view sql includes an inner join to another database on same server.

How do I get around this issue?


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    Hey Derek,

    Thanks for posting!
    When you do a build - it creates all of the objects to a created database on the specified SQL Server instance - that sql server instance needs to have all of the cross database and linked server dependencies available or else the build will fail.

    Because of that, customers often use a QA or Dev server to do the build - and they have static copies of other databases there so that the build can find all of the required dependencies.

    If that is not the issue - would you mind sending in the full build log as well as a screenshot of the build definition?

    Kind Regards,
    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
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