Enhancements to SQL Test badly needed...

DarekDarek Posts: 3 New member
Hi there.

I've been working with SSMS, VS and SQL Test. My thoughts are these.

First, we'd like to have a filter box on the UI that would filter to a specific database. Currently, all databases with tSQLt are shown and if there are many of them... well, it gets messy.

Secondly, it would be good to have a button on the UI as well that would collapse all the db's. We can do this by right-clicking but it's not very handy, to be honest.

Thirdly, when we click the small refresh button it does refresh all the db's OK but then - alas - expands all of them! Please refrain from expanding because we have to immediately follow this action by collapsing. This is completely counter-productive.

The most important feature would be to be able to quickly filter databases to the one(s) we're working on.




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