Auto Commit in SQL Source Control

I would like to submit a product suggestion. Please add an auto commit option in SQL Source Control. I have to routinely commit things to source control. If there was an auto commit feature I would not have to worry about it.


  • Andrea_AngellaAndrea_Angella Cambridge, UK Posts: 66 Silver 3

    Thank you for your suggestion!

    How are you currently using SQL Source Control? What is your current workflow? Are you using the product as part of a team or individually?

    I am interested to understand in more details your environment and how an auto commit feature might benefits you.

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    Andrea Angella
    Senior Software Engineer | Red Gate
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  • kjmcsdkjmcsd Posts: 29 Bronze 2
    I'm using SSC and during the week changes are made to the databases by my developers. Since changes are made constantly, we commit everything at the end of the week. At the end of every week I have to commit all of the changes that are made to the databases. If there was an auto commit feature I would have to do the manual commit every week.
  • kjmcsdkjmcsd Posts: 29 Bronze 2

    I know this is an old post of mine but I wanted to see if this was a possible future feature?

    We don't migrate database stored procedure changes from Dev, Test, Prod. Because of our environment we may make a change directly to a production procedure and then check-in that change using SQL Source control. This would just eliminate the second step. So basically, ON ALTER, COMMIT TO TFS.

  • yantisyantis Posts: 5 New member
    Similarly, it would be nice to be able to schedule a daily (every night) commit of any changes made that day in our Dev database that were not manually committed.  Is there any command line option, so that we could schedule a commit even using Windows Task Scheduler?
  • kjmcsdkjmcsd Posts: 29 Bronze 2
    It's good to see I'm not the only one who thinks this is a useful feature.
  • bailem2bailem2 Posts: 2 New member
    I would like to request this as well.  I work as part of a team of DBAs that manage deployment scripts and whole teams of developers that don't use redgate source control make changes to schema.  I'd like to regularly sample the schema and commit the changes if there are any so that individual submissions are tracked.  It is not economical to have 80 developers use use a source control license and they don't need it.
  • RichardTRichardT Posts: 3 New member
    I would also add my name to the list of would like to have. We have 10 production servers with 40+ databases. Server objects do not go to production unless tested and reviewed. Our source control is on the production servers as a code backup, so an auto-commit would be useful not to have to venture to each server and database to manually commit tested and approved code.

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