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Full-text indexes cannot be deployed in transactions


We are trying to compare a DB from Script Folder to temp DB and facing problem. We have full-text feature enabled on our stored procedures and DB. While comparing it we are getting below error

Severity: High
Object: [dbo].[xxx]
Title: Full-text indexes can't be deployed in transactions
Full-text indexes can't be deployed in transactions, so SQL Compare will deploy changes to full-text indexes after transactions are complete. If other objects rely on changes to full-text indexes (using CONTAINS, FULLTEXT, CONTAINSTABLE or FREETEXTTABLE), the script may fail.

I selected Compare option "Ignore full-text indexing" but it still giving same error.

Senior DevOps Engineer


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    Hi Imran,

    Sorry to hear you're hitting this problem. This is actually a warning message instead of an error letting you know sql server does not allow full-text indexes to be deployed in transactions. There is some extra text to the warning message recommending you select the 'Do not use transactions in deployment scripts' project option when deploying full-text indexes, however it seems you've found a separate bug where our message display textbox is trimming the text; if you enlarge the window with the warning message you should be able to read the rest of the text, but we shall certainly fix that going forward.

    Would you mind selecting the 'Do not use transactions in deployment scripts' project option and see if your deployment scripts are now created without any warnings?

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