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Generated migration script is adding a carriage return to a varchar column.

We have a table that contains email templates. SQL data compare is adding additional carriage returns to the migration script. We then see differences in the data even though they are the same except for the carriage return. Is their an option to not add additional carriage returns.




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    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for letting us know about this. Sorry you've run into this problem.

    We are currently working on fixing some issues around line endings, so I hope that upcoming versions will work better in this scenario.
    Matthew Chandler
    Software Developer on SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare
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    Hi Thomas

    Sorry for the delay on this - the newlines problem should now be fixed as of SQL Data Compare
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    aryelikaryelik Posts: 1 New member
    This issue is still happening in Is there an option to ignore the newlines?
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    ErnestErnest Posts: 4 New member
    This is happening for us in the opposite direction in SQL Data Compare v13.3.2.5875. We have source controlled data with just \n line endings and they're showing up as different than the line endings in the database.
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