SQL Data Compare - CLI: Exiting since no valid license was found

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Hi, I am currently using SQL Compare Standard Edition an wanted to automate the data compare process.

I had a look at the documentation and it documentation and it appears that we need to have license for enterprise edition or toolkit.

I downloaded he toolkit trial version and started off.

I am however getting the below message when I execute the project

SQLDataCompare.exe /Project:"project.sdc" /Out:"c:\output file.txt"

In the output file, I found the following
SQL Data Compare: activated, edition standard, serial number: 0
Exiting since no valid license was found

Con somebody help me?


  • Hi @subodhs

    Unfortunately, the command line functionality is only available in the SQL Data Compare pro version so as you're using a standard SQL Data Compare license you will be unable to use it.

    Can one of our team get in touch with you directly to discuss the options?
    Customer Support | Redgate Software
  • JohnESJohnES Posts: 10 Bronze 1
    I'm guessing that the issue mentioned here is still the case. Redgate might want to update their product pages for SQL Compare to mention this "Pro" version thing and its implications. The only reason I was even looking at this functionality is because the product page talked about it and I figured I'd take a quick look.

    From what I can see, the only way to get the Pro version is to buy the SQL Toolbelt. But, the price for that is much more than I can reasonably justify for what we use RedGate tools for, so it's not going to happen.

  • So command line use is an upsell?
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