SQL Compare is not comparing synonyms properly

I am comparing db schemas across 2 different db servers. I know for a fact that the synonyms have different definitions in those 2 locations but SQL Compare is not detecting it. It only seems to catch the differences at the beginning on the synonym but not in the middle.

For example, these values are identified properly as different:
db1: CREATE SYNONYM [cmms].[Assets] FOR [OracleEmulator].[dbo].[JP_ASSETS]

But, these values are not identified properly and are categorized as identical in the comparison output:
db1: CREATE SYNONYM [sugar].[accounts] FOR [sugar].[sugar].[dbo].[accounts]
db2: CREATE SYNONYM [sugar].[accounts] FOR [sugar].[sugartest].[dbo].[accounts]


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    This could be caused by the "ignore database and server name in synonyms" option which is enabled by default. Could you check your project options?

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