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SQLMonitorWeb_7.0.11.7625 download link broken

When I connect to SQL Monitor it says that update is available and that the update is for version 7625. I was able to download and install, but it still gives the message that .7625 is the latest. Nevertheless, the link attached to the notice returns an HTTP 404 the webpage cannot be found message. Please resolve.


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    DonFergusonDonFerguson Posts: 202 Silver 5
    It looks like the download link now downloads a file named SQLMonitorWeb_7.0.11.7625; however, despite the name it is still version ..7623. I did a file compare between the 7623 and the 7625 version and they are identical. If 7623 is the latest version that's fine, I guess. But with the 7623 version installed, the SQL Monitor web page still shows that an upgrade is available.
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    Hi DonMan,

    7623 and 7625 are two builds of the same source. The CFU installer was misnamed as 7625 by the build process. So currently CFU for 7623 actually downloads a file named http://download.red-gate.com/checkforupdates/SQLMonitorWeb/SQLMonitorWeb_7.0.11.7625.exe

    So is the latest version. It is interesting that SQL Monitor is still showing an update however as this should be based on the first 3 digits. I would recommend restarting the SQL Monitor Web Service or IIS website and if the banner returns dismissing this.

    To confirm the next version to download will be 7.0.12.xxxx
    Kind regards,
    Dan Bainbridge
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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    DonFergusonDonFerguson Posts: 202 Silver 5
    Thanks Dan. The issue finally self-resolved.
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