Comparison SDK warnings in ASPNETCOMPILER on .NET 4.0

The Comparison SDK is still being built against .NET 2.0, and so uses the old Reactive Extensions library that was a backport of the Task Parallel Library (System.Threading.dll). This library has duplicates of many classes that are in mscorlib in .NET 4.0.

I can avoid all of the nasty compiler warnings that this generates in my code projects by applying an extern alias to System.Threading.dll. However, that doesn't help when running the ASP.NET compiler; it still throws a large number of warnings due to this DLL's presence.

Is there any way around this that I'm not finding?

If not, are there any plans to build a future version of the SDK against .NET 4.0 (or better yet, .NET Standard 2.0)?


  • We'd like to move to a better framework version, but we're currently constrained to .NET 2 because the Compare Engine is used by SQL Source Control, which still needs to work in old versions of SSMS. We've been discussing options with the SOC team (stop supporting old SSMS versions or move out of process) but can't make either of those happen quickly.

    We're also investigating the feasibility of moving to .NET Standard, initially looking at low-level shared code but looking at the Compare engine after that if it goes well. For now, the Compare UI uses the threading alias you are describing. Thanks for telling us about the ASP.NET issue, though.
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