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Navigating to release management for a specific release launchs drops download on local machine

Thieum22Thieum22 Posts: 1 New member
See this discussion in the TFS forums:


In a nutshell, enabling RedGate ReadyRoll on a tfs server leads to background dowloads of the drop of a release (can be any size) when consulting a release summary.


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    Alex TAlex T Posts: 5 New member
    Unfortunately, Visual Studio Team Services doesn't provide us with an API to retrieve a single file from the build artifacts, so we have to download the whole .zip in order to access the database diff report and the database script that are generated by the build. We'll get in touch with Microsoft to see if they can suggest a better approach.

    Because we don't know which artifact comes from a ReadyRoll build until we look inside the .zip, we're currently downloading all artifacts associated with the primary artifacts source of a release -- we'll stop once we find the right one. We could optimise this by having a special artifact name that we'd try to find in the list of artifacts: if we found it, we'd only download that one; if not, we'd fallback to the current behaviour. This wouldn't solve the case where your ReadyRoll artifacts are large in size, but it would prevent unnecessary downloads of unrelated artifacts. How does it sound?
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