SQL Compare 12 & SQL Source control - doesn't handle SQL Azure External Tables

MickMick Posts: 1 New member
Hi folks,
I've got a couple of sprocs that create all the external table references and source control would not parse them at all.


Also when using SQL Compare - it views these tables as local tables to the Azure DB.

Would be awesome for a future version given this is a main technique (at the moment) to reference cross db tables in Azure.



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    We're still looking into the remaining SQL Server 2016 features and trying to find out which ones people tend to use.

    The UserVoice request for this feature has a handful of votes for it, and we'd like to have a good list of people to contact with some questions about their use case before we proceed.

    For example, we'd like to know whether most people who want this feature are using Azure Data Warehouse, and whether they would be better off using Data Platform Studio instead of Compare.
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    spacattacspacattac Posts: 1 New member
    we have some external table references as well in our SQL Azure databases and would benefit from this capability in SQL Compare.  we're not using Azure Data Warehouse - just SQL Azure dbs.
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    votvot Posts: 1 New member
    Great if we can have external tables.
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    peterhcipeterhci Posts: 1 New member
    we have multiple servers with external tables(mongodb). Redgate's value would b greatly enhanced with external table capability, ( comparing mapped regular tables with external tables)
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