Bug: Upgrade from 8.4 to 9.0.5 finds OLD xp_sqlbackup.dll

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I have local admin rights on the entire server. This is the 3rd or 4th Windows2012R2 server where this roadblock has occurred, 3 with v8 to a later v8, this one from v8 to v9.

There's no way around it other than to UNINSTALL the Server Components, which registered as v9 and the UI seemed OK with their state as all it wanted was the activation key... Repair is ineffective. Manual exec of the SQBServerSetup.exe at least shows me the error, where the UI's upgrade server components just gives me a red X. Reinstall of the server components appears to have been successful.

This ought not to occur, IMO.

UPDATE - 1st Tran Backup BOMBED!

This happened to be a PRODUCTION SERVER! Now I have to uninstall completely, like I have before, and start over! UNHAPPY.

UPDATE 2 - Also fails from to 9.0.5

Sadly, no surprises here. That's FIVE failures.
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