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Compare indexes only

Is there a way to filter out everything, but indexes? I am trying to run this from the command line and the lowest level object for include is table for what I am trying to do.

I have also tried filters and options, but I do not see a way to only list index differences.


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    Sub-object support is on our roadmap. We've made a few steps in this direction by adding an "ignore performance indexes" option for people who want to treat schema-defining constraints separately from performance indexes, but I don't think that solves your problem yet.

    We expect to start doing user research on this soon, at which point we'd like to understand your use case thoroughly and will try to contact everyone on the UserVoice issue. Could you add your vote so we can involve you in the process as well?
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    SyedaliSyedali Posts: 3 New member
    Basically in older version in year 2000 there was a filter option to filter by index differences. That is gone. Removed by sql compare which was one of the important one for DBA
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    SyedaliSyedali Posts: 3 New member
    indexes should be a type like table and stored procedure 
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