Problem with synchronize group procedures with the same name

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I found the problem with synchronize databases (SQL Server 2000) using SQL Compare 7.0. When I try synchronize one group procedures with two stored procedure:

create procedure "sp_MSdel_dbotest" @pkc1 varchar(19)
delete "dbo"."test"
where "client" = @pkc1
@rowcount = 0
exec sp_MSreplraiserror 20598

create procedure "sp_MSdel_dbotest";2 @pkc1 varchar(19)
delete "dbo"."test"
where "client" = @pkc1


i get following error message:
"There was a problem executing the synchronization script. All changes have been rolled back so that the database is in its orginal state." .....

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    You can work around this problem by choosing to run the script in Query Analyzer rather than letting SQL Compare attempt to run the script itself.

    The way that SQL Compare runs the script is to cut it up into batches itself and then send individual batches, but numbered stored procedures are treated as one entity by SQL Compare and therefore you end up with a 'GO' in the middle of a batch, which is invalid.

    As numbered stored procedures are no longer supported in new versions of SQL Server and a workaround exists, we probably won't fix this any time soon, I'm afraid.
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