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twillitwilli Posts: 3 New member
I need to schedule a command line execution of SQL Compare to generate a report daily. I need this to run when I'm not at work. Do I have to install 'SQL Compare' on a server?

more info:



  • Thanks for posting - yes you will need to install either SQL Compare or the DLM Automation tools in order to use the command line. There's a little more information about the requirements in our online help:
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    Redgate Software
  • MikeCMikeC Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    Hi, I have a licensed and activated SQL Compare Pro 12.3 installation (recently updated from 11.x).
    I'm trying to gather the command line distribution files detailed in this post:
    However, the following files are missing from my install folder:
    - RedGate.BackupReader.CryptoHelper.dll
    - LinqBridge.dll
    - LinqBridge-License.txt
    - Zlib1.dll
    - x86\git2-91fa31f.dll
    - x64\git2-91fa31f.dll
    I've tried running sqlcompare.exe using the activateSerial arg but it doesn't help. Posts about running the command line exe to "generate" the needed files seem to be only for older versions of SQL Compare.
    As best as I can understand from your documentation it seems to be saying that if I have a Pro version installed I should just be able to use the command line program without needing a DLM Automation license. Clearly, I'm missing something here (besides the files ;)). Can you get me sorted out?
    thx much!
  • Hi Mike,

    Yes it ought to be possible to get up-and-running with a SQL Compare Pro license. Could I suggest you get in touch with [email protected] about the best way to do this?
    Matthew Chandler
    Software Developer on SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare
  • MikeCMikeC Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    I actually thought this was where Red-Gate support would show up. I will contact them directly.
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