Restore process hung with PREEMPTIVE_OS_GETPROCADDRESS wait type

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This is one that I have not seen before. Server is running 2012 R2 and recently upgraded SQL to 2016 SP1. SQL Backup is version There are 4 instances on this server and last week I was able to restore one instance without any issues. Today, the restore on the second instance is hung with 0 bytes processed after 1 hour and change.

Found this thread but the patch provided is unavailable (dead link). Also according to the documentation this bug was addressed in SQL Backup 7 and I've upgraded to v8 and have run successful restores since upgrading to v8 until today.

Restarting SQL Server did not resolve the issue. Haven't tried restarting the server because the other instances are in use and would have to do so after-hours.

Has anyone seen this issue in SQL2016? Is there an issue with the dll files for this instance? Any help or insight provided is greatly appreciated as I need to get this database back online.


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    I've found this issue is affecting backup jobs too. I've opened a support case with Redgate since upgrading to version 9 of SQL Backup.
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    We are having the same issue, but only on one server in an availability group. The other nodes are working perfectly. This has only started happening since we upgraded to version 9 of SQL Backup Pro.

    So update on this... I've now resolved this issue.

    I stopped the SQL Agent on the server, then uninstalled version 9, plus version 8 which was still installed on the machine. Then reinstalled SQL Backup Pro V.9. Restarted the SQL Server Agent and this has resolved the issue.
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