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Build doesn't see schema changes


I have the database called MyDB. In it I have a table MyDB.cfg.App_Module. I made a change in that table to add SecurityAdmin column. In the same changeset (I use TFS) I changed a stored proc to use SecurityAdmin column. When I ran it DLM Build give me this error:
[11:44:28][Step 1/3] WARNING: The error 'Invalid column name 'SecurityAdmin'.' occurred when 
[11:44:28][Step 1/3] executing the following SQL:
[11:44:28][Step 1/3]  SELECT 'ModuleList' AS RS_Type, ModuleId, ModuleDesc
[11:44:28][Step 1/3]  FROM MyDB.cfg.App_Module
[11:44:28][Step 1/3]  WHERE ModuleStatus = 2 AND SecurityAdmin = 2
[11:44:28][Step 1/3]  ORDER BY ModuleId

I checked that the same changeset has changes for the table and the stored proc. Here is log lines that confirms that the table was created before stored proc update.
[11:44:19][Step 1/3] VERBOSE: Creating [cfg].[X_App_Module]
[11:44:19][Step 1/3] VERBOSE: Creating primary key [PK_X_App_Module] on [cfg].[X_App_Module]

How to see the script that SQL Compare uses to update/validate DB? Where can I find source code of Invoke-DlmDatabaseSchemaValidation? What might be the source of the problem?


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